Pamela Anderson On Vivisection: “I Don’t Know Much About That Part”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ celebrity spokeswoman Pamela Anderson was interviewed by Larry King recently, Anderson’s knowledge of and adherence to her animal rights views pretty much speaks for itself (emphasis added),

King: Why are you a vegetarian?

Anderson: I don’t like meat. I don’t like, you know, I don’t like meat. I don’t like the texture of meat. I don’t like where it comes from. I don’t like the cruelty that’s involved. And being involved with PETA so long, you get to know a lot about how meat is prepared and slaughtering and all that stuff. So, I’ve chosen, after I’ve kind of educated myself, you know, through PETA, that I don’t want to eat it.

King: No fur coats?

Anderson: No.

King: Leather soles?

Anderson: Sometimes — I have a lot of leather shoes actually — a lot of — but I’ve tried to actually create a clothing line — a shoe line that is non-leather and I have a lot of great shoes, too, from Stella McCartney that are non-leather as well.

But that’s the hardest thing is the leather part of it. A lot of things are leather. Even your car interior. I just ordered and car, and I’m getting all, you know, pleather interiors. There’s no leather interior in the car that I’m getting, bt the car that I have has a leather interior.

King: Are you against vivisection, the treatment of animals to detect disease?

Anderson: I don’t know much about that part. Sorry.

King: But you’re certainly against the killing and slaughter of the animal?

Anderson: Yes and the slaughtering. You know, PETA is — they really — they just want people to be humane about killing animals, too, when it comes to fast food restaurants like KFC. And it’s just so inhumane, how they handle their animals and that’s the first step.

King: Good luck in all you do, Pam.

Anderson: Thank you.

King; Great seeing you.

Anderson: Thank you. Vivisection. I thought you meant vasectomy.

King : no.

Anderson: I’m against those, too. No.

Not quite sure whether she’s against vasectomies or animal research in that last comment. If it is animal research she is against, she has an easy method of protesting against the alleged horrors and cruelties involved in such researcher — simply stop supporting the pharmaceutical industry by continuing to buy things like the medicine she takes to treat her Hepatitis C.

Given that she cannot even give up leather shoes (while complaining about others’ wearing of fur), don’t expect her to leave the stable of PETA hypocrites anytime soon. Presumably she and Dawn Carr can get together and commiserate at how horrible it is that their lives are prolonged due to the efforts of animal researchers.


CNN Larry King Life, August 22, 2005.

Pamela Anderson Featured on PETA's New Anti-KFC Billboard

After its outrageous billboards against eating meat, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ new anti-KFC billboard featuring Pamela Anderson is a major let down,

Wow, “Boycott KFC.” I’m sure the nation’s omnivores will foreswear chicken completely with that message.

Apparently PETA’s creative juices only get flowing when they’re calling meat eaters child abusers or making videos showing women being assaulted.

It is interesting to note, though, that in a letter Anderson wrote to Yum! Brands chair David Novak last October, Anderson requested a meeting with Novak saying,

Please contact me through Dan Mathews of PETA at 757-622-7382, extension 1308, or via e-mail at [email protected]. Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

So Anderson “care[s] so much about the pain and misery of these abused little animals” as she writes in her letter, but could care less about associating with a man who celebrated the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace. I guess a celebrity only has time to care about so many things, and worrying about those who celebrate serial killers just isn’t on Anderson’s radar.


Letter to Michael Novak (PDF). Pamela Anderson, October 27, 2003.

Pam Anderson Urges Swedish Prime Minster to Ban Fur Farming

In July People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activist Pamela Anderson sent a letter to Swedish Prime Minister Goeran Persson urging Persson to ban fur farming in Sweden.

In her letter< Anderson wrote,

You should know that many people in the world look up to Sweden. Banning the fur industry will strengthen Sweden’s reputation further.

. . .

I am impressed by how far Sweden has come when it comes to gender equality, justice in society and environmental work. I also know that many people in your country are opposed to the fur industry. Stopping this terrible practice is therefore a natural step for Sweden.

Persson’s Social Democrat Party voted in 2001 to support a ban on fur farming, but a government study in October 2003 recommended giving fur farmers until at least 2010 to come into compliance with animal welfare laws in Sweden before considering a ban.


Pamela fights to ban fur farming. Agence-France Presse, July 4, 2004.