Godzilla vs. Cthulhu

Sometimes my wife sends me the strangest links, like this Godzilla vs. Cthulhu fanfic by C. L. Werner with flourishes like,

Suddenly our launch was swamped by a tremendous wave as a gargantuan form emerged from the deep waters off our starboard. Our cheers were drowned out by the monster’s mighty roar as the reptilian titan glared in disapproval at the shoggoth, even as the horror slithered across the waves. We cheered as Godzilla swam forwards to engage the formless abomination of prehistoric blasphemy. Before the alien horror of the shoggoth, Godzilla was the lesser of evils and we prayed for his victory.

Look for the sequel — Godzilla vs. Mecha-Cthulhu.

Salon.Com on HPL

Salon.Com has an odd little article on H.P. Lovecraft on the occasion of the Library of America creating an “H. P. Lovecraft: Tales” volume.

My reaction to the HPL Library of America volume was “yuck.” Hey, I’ve got all of HPL’s fiction in e-book format on my PDA, but lets not start confusing HPL with real literature. Its great, cheesey pulp fiction with a hint of an interesting twist (HPL’s view that the universe is a cold, uncaring place where evil will inevitably triumph.) But, as I told my wife, HPL is a lot like Apple Jacks — I don’t know why I like it, I just do!

Salon.Com writer Laura Miller, on the other hand, clearly does not grok HPL. She’s arguing for a Freudian interpretation (Cthulhu’s tentacles are sexual organs, of course, and “Shadow Over Innsmouth” is simply an allegory for HPL’s racism). Yawn. Gee, I hope she’ll psychoanalyze E.E. “Doc” Smith next — not.


Master of disgust. Laura Miller, Salon.Com, February 12, 2005.