Canadian Voice for Animals' Anti-Leno Petition

Animal rights activist Earle Bingley, who lists himself as the president of Canadian Voice for Animals, posted an amusing petition calling for a boycott of the Tonight Show because of host Jay Leno’s insistence at garnering laughs “at the expense of animals.”

According to Bingley’s petition,

On February 10th, Leno made fun of the state of Colorado that passed an ordinance that would recognize dogs and cats as companion animals. Leno?s punch line was, and this may not be word perfect: ?Yeah, and the companion animals of Korea are now appetizers.?

On February 11th, Leno had a skit of a game show that he called: NAME THAT SOUND?One of the fake contestants was the president of North Korea?The sound was that of a barking dog. The correct answer was: ?That?s the sound of my dinner.?

For the past 50 plus years, I and countless others have worked tirelessly for the betterment of our four-legged relatives. When someone like Leno, who has a large audience, makes statements like this, it make me for one, sick to the stomach, and it countermines the advances we have made in animal welfare. If you agree with me, please sign this petition which will be sent to the president of NBC, letting him know that the general public will not tolerate this kind of abuse from late night talk shows.

Almost 500 people have shown up at PetitionOnline.Com to sign Bingley’s petition — by now, The Tonight Show must be fearing the viewer backlash. Well, at least the endless train of pointless petitions does keep these folks occupied.


Boycott The Tonight Show on NBC; Watch Letterman. Earle Bingley, PetitionOnline.Com, Accessed Feb. 17, 2003.