Alicia Silverstone’s Cruel Garments

In April, an article at Female First noted that anti-fur, vegan activist Alicia Silverstone donned a silk dress designed by J Mendel when she appeared at the premier of “Beauty Shop.”

Mendel, of course, designs and manufacturers fur clothing.

Moreover, Silverstone refused to wear silk on her canceled television show “Miss Match.” For a look at the cruelty involved in silk production, lets turn to the pro-AR Animal Rights FAQ,

What’s wrong with silk? It is the practice to boil the cocoons that still
contain the living moth larvae in order to obtain the silk. This produces
longer silk threads than if the moth was allowed to emerge. The silkworm can
certainly feel pain and will recoil and writhe when injured.

Presumably Silverstone’s just been too busy curing cancer to keep up on these things.


Alicia Silverstone Clueless About Mendels Fur Links. Female First, 2005.

PCRM May Not Have Many Physicians, But Its Got Alicia Silverstone

As most readers of this web site realize, very few members of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are, in fact, physicians. But then again, who needs physicians when you’ve got Alicia Silverstone?

According to World Entertainment News Network, Silverstone was slated to speak at PCRM at its April The Art of Compassion Gala. According to WENN, Silverstone planned to discuss her advocacy of alternative medical therapies, including acupuncture and aromatherapy. No word on whether or not she also endorses magnets and chelation.

Silverstone styles herself as a not just a Clueless actress, but also something of a health consultant. She tells WENN (emphasis added),

I’d be at the farmer’s market and someone would ask me for tips about becoming a vegetarian. If I wasn’t an actor I’d be a hub of information for people who need help, whatever it is.

My favorite idea is to go to a grocery store and be at the front and show people what they should get because I love food and I love the grocery store, so I want to be able to help people find a good alternative choice.

I’ve also been helping sick people because a lot of my friends have been coming to me and saying, ‘My relative has cancer, can you help?’

I’ve been guiding them to alternative ways of healing and there’s been a lot of progress and it’s really rewarding. Just watching people take their lives and take control of their lives and get healthy on their own is the most rewarding experience.

Sounds like she and PCRM are a perfect fit.


Silverstone Fights for Alternative Medicines. World Entertainment News Network, March 28, 2005.