Bobby Knight Endorses Donald Trump for President

According to Mashable, Bobby Knight is endorsing an campaigning with Donald Trump,

Donald Trump’s campaign announced Monday that Bobby Knight will join the billionaire presidential candidate for a rally in Indianapolis on Wednesday.¬†Knight became a legend in the Hoosier State while leading Indiana University to a long run of success, including three national titles, in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The Indiana primary is May 3.

Well, at least this will help Trump lock in voters who like to publicly display their own feces,

But former players who decided to speak to CNN/”Sports Illustrated” say similar episodes take place behind close doors.

[RICHARD] MANDEVILLE: In our locker room, there is a bathroom right attached to it, and he came out, pants down around his ankles and just wiped his ass, and said, “This is how you guys are playing.”

[NEIL] REED: And he just stuck his hand out with that toilet paper after he had wiped and kind of showed everyone and then walked back into the stall.

[CHARLIE] MILLER: That’s just his way of, I guess, you know expressing himself. If I can’t tell you, I have to show you. And what other way to show you rather than pull my pants down, wipe my ass and say you are playing like shit. You know, that’s coach Knight.