Kaspersky Labs Releases TinyCheck–Inspect Network Communications for Malicious Activity

Kaspersky Labs has a new project, Tiny Check, designed to allow users to analyze network communications from a smartphone or other device for potentially malicious traffic.

The idea of TinyCheck came to me in a meeting about stalkerware with a French women’s shelter. During this meeting we talked about how to easily detect easily stalkerware without installing very technical apps nor doing forensic analysis on them. The initial concept was to develop a tiny kiosk device based on Raspberry Pi which can be used by non-tech people to test their smartphones against malicious communications issued by stalkerware or any spyware.

Of course, TinyCheck can also be used to spot any malicious communications from cybercrime or state-sponsored implants. It allows the end-user to push his own extended Indicators of Compromise via a backend in order to detect some ghosts over the wire.