Data Emerging about Effect of Israel’s Vaccination Effort

Israel currently leads the world in per-capita COVID-19 vaccination by a wide margin. As of this writing, Israel has administered 46.7 doses per 100 people, compared to second-place United Arab Emirates at 27.1 doses per 100 population. The United States, in comparison, has only administered 7.1 doses per 100 people.

Initial reports from Israel suggest the vaccine is preventing both new infections and new hospitalizations.

A preliminary study by Israeli HMO Maccabi showed that only 20 people out of 128,600 who received both shots of the Pfizer vaccine had become infected with COIVD-19. None of those cases were severe enough to require hospitalization.

According to Maccabi’s experts this is preliminary data but the numbers are very encouraging,” Maccabi said in a statement.

“Maccabi reports that out of the 20 people infected, 50% suffer from chronic illnesses. All patients experienced a mild illness with symptoms including headaches, cough, weakness or fatigue. No-one was hospitalized or suffered from a fever above 38.5C. Most patients tested for COVID-19 due to exposure to a verified patient,” it said.

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