Dumbass Kalamazoo Sheriff Investigates Someone Who Called Him “Fat Ass” On Facebook

The Kalamazoo County Sheriff is apparently a dumbass as well as being a “fat ass.”

KALAMAZOO, Mich.  A West Michigan sheriff sent detectives to investigate a Facebook message he received calling him fat.

The incident report obtained by Newschannel 3 through a Freedom of Information Act request, revealed Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller directed his investigators to the home of the man accused of sending the message.

While no crime occurred, the report showed Fuller sent detectives, not deputies, to talk to the man accused of sending the sheriff a Facebook message:

“Your a fat a– who needs to go on a diet. Stop us from living. Come get me if you want me tubby as fat b—-“

The report showed the sheriff took the message as threatening in nature and showed Fuller requested his employees make contact with the sender and warn against any threatening posts in the future.

The report showed on April 6, 2020, two Kalamazoo County detectives questioned a man at his home in Richland. The report said the 48-year-old denied writing the post and claimed his Facebook account had been hacked.

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