Screen Crop Quick Settings Tile for Android

Screen Crop – Quick Settings Tile for Android is an excellent app that solves a major frustration with Android–the process of taking a screenshot and then cropping it for sharing is cumbersome. Screen Crop adds a Quick Settings tile that you can click on to take a screenshot that will let you easily crop the area you want in the screenshot.

One problem with this sort of app–which is no fault of the developer–is that phone manufacturers insist on modifying stock Android settings for things like adding Quick Settings Tiles.

The developer provides instructions to pull down the Quick Settings area and click on the pencil icon. On my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, however, there is no pencil icon.

Instead, users have to pull down the Notifications shade twice to show the Quick Settings area. Then, they need to click on the menu icon which is three vertically stacked dots. Then, they need to select the Button Order option. This will then show buttons that can be added at the top. Simply drag and drop whatever button you want, like the Screen Crop one, onto the list of active buttons and press Done when you are finished.

I’m sure by the time the Note 10 comes out, Samsung will have had to change this again.

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