Can Androids Pray: Blue

Can Android Pray: Blue is an interesting premise for a visual novel. According to IndieGamesPlus,

A pair of damaged mechs sit in the blowing sands. The machines are inoperable in their current condition, and the extent of the problems will lead to one of them exploding. There’s no avoiding it. No help is coming. They cannot escape. This leaves the two femme pilots with nothing to do but talk to one another until the inevitable occurs, delving into the feelings about the events that lead them there, as well as their thoughts on the imminent end of their mortality.

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Can Androids Pray is a touching look at the difficult questions we will all have to face as the end of our lives draws near. It’s a game of coming to terms with the limited shelf life our brittle frames have, and what the meaning of all of this bickering and going to work and fighting to keep the lights on can mean for us. It’s about the connections we have with ourselves and the world around us, and is a lovely contemplative work on the things we often forget in the constant demands of everyday existing.

Can Androids Pray

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