is a project aimed at building a secure enclave device that connects to existing networks (such as a WiFi) to provide extremely secure communications channels for users.

betrusted aims to create a hardware system that features a secure enclave tied directly to hardware input and output mechanisms that eliminate, as much as possible, the possibility of a MITM between the user and the secrets within the enclave. Signal’s double-ratchet protocol complicates the lives of network-snooping interlopers, but is still vulnerable to keyboard loggers and screen scrapers. betrusted should provide a simple solution for individuals in high-risk situations to not only secure their private keys, but also to secure the flow of information between the users and their private keys.

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Betrusted is not a phone: it is a secure enclave with auditable input and output surfaces. Betrusted relies on sharing your existing connectivity – such as your phone or cable modem – to access the Internet. Say you’re on the road and you want to securely message a friend. You would tether betrusted to your phone’s wifi, so that the phone is just an untrusted relay for encrypted messages coming too and from betrusted. The only place the decrypted messages will ever appear is on the trusted screen of a betrusted device.

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