The DC Universe App, or Why We Pirate

In September 2018, DC Comics/Warner Bros went live with its DC Universe app/service. The app features comic books, TV shows, and movies based on DC properties. As a hardcore DC fanboy, I was more than willing to pay $7.99/month for the service.

By coincidence I was headed off for a weekend at a relative’s house who doesn’t have wi-fi or Internet. No problem–the DC Universe app will let me download TV episodes to my device so I don’t have to burn through my wireless plan in a weekend.

Except the DC Universe app has a limit of 25 total downloads per account that you can have on a device at any one time. Try to download a 26th episode and this is what the app will tell you.

DC Universe App Screenshot
DC Universe App Screenshot

Thankfully, The Pirate Bay does not have such a limitation. When will stupid content companies ever learn?

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