Custom Cloth Map Printing Service

Geekify has a service that will take your drawing or digital image and print it on a 100% cotton canvas suitable for making cloth maps for RPGs, LARPing, etc.

Like the old  saying goes, good DMs draw, great DMs print. If you’ve spent countless hours painstakingly crafting a world for your fellow RPG players, then why not take your gaming to the next level with a premium cloth map? Send your adventurers a-venturin’  with the aid of some high quality digital prints on durable cloth maps to accompany them on their way. If you’ve got a high quality scan, drawing, or digital image to work from, we can print your map for your gaming sessions, blow them up to more realistic and majestic proportions, and add some flair to your gaming.

We offer various sizes of prints on 100% cotton canvas  with an image of your choosing. Each cloth map print is antiqued and aged by hand , and  cut with a clean edge or with a ragged edge to look a little more battleworn. Great for cosplay, perfect for LARPing, and ideal for gaming, these maps are durable, sturdy, and sealed, and resistant to tearing or shredding, built to resist the toughest of demi Gorgons, the fiercest of dragons, and the occasional tussles in the taverns. They’re flexible, can be rolled up, and tucked away inside a carrying case, or bound up with ribbon or leather cord. Due to variations in preparation and handling, each scroll may appear slightly different in wear or color than pictured. (Please allow 1-2 weeks to prepare your map for shipment – rush orders available)

Geekify Cloth Map Sample
Geekify Cloth Map Sample

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