Supporting Your Children’s Endeavors

Sunny Lane’s Wikipedia page notes that her parents are very supportive of her and her career,

Her career is supported and managed by her parents, with whom she lives in an apartment.


Oh yeah, one other thing…Sunny Lane is a pornographic actress.

There is an interesting 2007 ABC News profile of Sunny and her parents from ABC News.

Lawyers, a publicist and image consultants are on call for Sunny, but the foundation for her team is still in the Lane apartment, where Sunny lives with her parents.

Sunny Lane is her stage name, and her parents also go by the same last name. For the last year and a half, life in the apartment has revolved around the business of selling Sunny, whom they market as “The Girl Next Door Turned Hard Core.”

On a recent afternoon, Shelby answered the phone while Mike sat nearby in the living room. Upstairs, Sunny packed a suitcase for an evening full of appearances and outfit changes. Shelby helped, filling small plastic bags with costumes, makeup and music.

Once Sunny has worn an outfit, Shelby puts it — unwashed, of course — back in a small plastic bags to one day auction off on their Web site. Sunny’s underwear can bring in a lot of cash.

“They’ll pay $50 to $100 for panties,” her mother said.

On the one hand, I guess if you’ve got a family member in that industry, better managed by parents rather than some shady character. Still, that’s got to lead to some awkward moments.

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