OneNote for Android–What the Actual Fuck?

I have recently joined the cult of OneNote. I am extremely impressed with OneNote 2016 and have been using it extensively the past few weeks. So I thought I’d install the Android app–and uninstalled it about 15 minutes later.

The OneNote app for Android lacks an undo function. Let me repeat that–the OneNote app for Android lacks an undo function.

So imagine you login on OneNote for Android and accidentally delete an import section of a notebook. Or maybe you delete specific text, photos or other items. There is no way, from the Android app, to fix that.

That is insane. What makes it even more insane is that this has been the case for the Android OneNote app since it released in 2012.

If the information that a user accidentally deletes or edits had been previously synced, it is possible in some cases to go the Desktop version of OneNote and revert the changes. But this “feature” of the Android app has absolutely caused people to lose important data. For example, on this thread at, one user wrote in September 2016,

I just lost a huge amount of client meeing note data that I cannot recover.  Sync occurred after the part of my notes was somehow deleted, and without “Undo” I have no way to get it back.  Starting to realized how gimped the Android version of OneNote really is.

If you use Android, please do not use the OneNote app. Also, users should consider this a one star rating and highlighting this issue to let Microsoft know how unacceptable this is.

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