Android Device Doesn’t Show Up In Google Play

The other day I tried to buy a game on the Google Play Store but was prevented because “this app is incompatible with your device.” This made no sense, since my LG G4 was more than capable of running the game.

After a quick visit to the Google Play Store, I realized the issue was that my LG G4 was no longer listed as a device on Google Play at all. It apparently dropped of the list when I rooted the device in order to make some modifications.

Several attempts at trying to get Google Play to recognize my device failed, but a quick search turned up this post at Bill Blankenship’s BitJunkie Blog who had the same problem.

His solution worked perfectly for me:

  • Clear Play Store data. Go to Settings->Apps and scroll down until you see Google Play Store and tap it. Tap Clear Cache and then Clear Data.
  • Reboot device
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Check the Play store website

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