AirVPN 6th Anniversary

AirVPN recently celebrated its sixth birthday,

From a two servers service located in one tiny country providing a handful of Mbit/s in 2010, the baby has grown up to a wide infrastructure in 16 countries in three continents with 165 VPN dedicated servers and several secondary servers aimed to additional services, providing now up to 156900 Mbit/s to tens of thousands persons around the world. The number of available VPN servers since the last birthday has almost doubled. An outstanding growth that makes us very proud!

I have been using AirVPN since 2011 and route all of the Internet traffic on my two personal laptops through their service (other than times when I’m playing online games where the lowest possible latency is a must).

Based on what I’ve read, AirVPN is the best VPN for when you don’t want your ISP or other network provider monitoring what you’re doing over the Internet. I appreciate things like their client’s “Network Lock” feature, which prevents any Internet traffic that doesn’t traverse the AirVPN network so as to prevent any leakage which might allow my ISP or others to monitor what I’m connecting to.

As I’ve written on my blog before, if I were engaged in activities where I was worried about a state actor and where connection speed isn’t important, I would use something like Tor. But for keeping the MPAA and my ISP’s monitors at bay, AirVPN does the trick.

Finally, the price for AirVPN has stayed fairly stable–a one year subscription costs roughly $59 (the company bills in Euros)–while the company has expanded the number of concurrent connections it allows to three, so that I can have both of my laptops and occasionally my phone connected simultaneously.

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