For several years I used to track my video game playing and achievements. Then Raptr decided it wanted to become an annoying knock off of Twitch and I stopped using it altogether. While looking again for a replacement, I ran across which is focused on tracking achievements.

What’s the point of the site?Our goal is to create a greater sense of purpose for gaming. By combining the achievement systems of as many platforms as we can, we aim to make sure that everything you do in any game counts towards a total, persistent metascore.

You give MetaGeamerScore links to your public gaming profiles, such as Steam profile or World of Warcraft character, and the system pulls in all of your achievements for that game/platform.

Whereas Raptr was always cutting back on the number of platforms it supported, MetaGameScore supports an impressive number of games and platforms, including:

  • Steam
  • Xbox Live
  • Playstation Network
  • Kongregate
  • Newgrounds
  • World of Warcraft
  • Starcraft II
  • Seal Hunter
  • Sporcle
  • Extra Life
  • Retro Achievements
  • theHunter
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Mass Effect 3

Along with importing and aggregating achievements, MetaGamerScore also assigns a point value to each achievement which is typically different from any numerical value already assigned by the game or platform. According to the site’s FAQ, the value of each achievement is “automatically adjusted by popularity and rarity.”

This seems to work well for achievements that a lot of people who use MetaGamerScore have earned. For example, the “War Never Changes” achievement for Fallout 4 comes in at a paltry 34 points. On the other hand, most of the achievements I earned for Tribloos 2 all show up as worth >1,000 points even though they are all trivially easy to earn (Tribloos 2 is a fun but very easy time management game).

This is an excellent service for anyone into game achievements.

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