Easy Method to Get DokuWiki Page Count and Other Stats

I’ve been using Dokuwiki for the last 7 years to host my own Wiki install, and absolutely love everything about it.

Recently I was wanted to get some statistical information such as total number of pages on my wiki, total file size, etc. Yes, I could get this information manually by taking a look at the files on my server, but thankfully DokuWiki has a plugin it ships with called Popularity Feedback that already does this.

The Popularity Feedback plugin is designed to send anonymized information back to the Dokuwiki devs about how people are using the software, though users can opt out of that fairly easily. So to get detailed statistical information about DokuWiki install:

  1. Go to the Admin area
  2. Click on the Popularity Feedback link
  3. Wait as Dokuwiki compiles the information
  4. ????
  5. Profit

And you’ll get output like this:

page_count 5,164
page_size 426,725,592
page_avg 82,634
media_count 12,616
media_size 1,093,809,420
media_avg 86,700
cache_count 85,498
cache_size 4,018,781,628
cache_avg 47,004


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