Pen and Paper RPGs In an Internet Age; Botanicula; and My Favorite Hand Gesture

Pen and Paper RPGs Designed for Internet Play?

The Neitherworld blog wonders what a pen and paper roleplaying game designed specifically for playing over the Internet might look like,

We’re playing games designed for a tabletop in another medium. We’re adapting.

…but what if there were RPGs designed specifically for such a medium? RPGs designed to be played by people online who aren’t all in the same location? I’m not talking about MMORPGs. I’m talking about something analogous to a tabletop RPG. Something flexible. What would such an RPG look like?

There are some interesting answers and ideas in the comments section.


Not sure how much fun it would be to play Botanicula, but it sure looks pretty

The History of Giving Someone the Finger

The BBC looks at the history of everyone’s favorite hand gesture which, it notes, “seems to have overtaken cultural, linguistic and national boundaries and can now be seen at protests, on football pitches, and at rock concerts across the world.”

As Louis Armstrong might put it, what a wonderful world.

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