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Like a lot of people, I use my phone to share links over Twitter, email, SMS, etc. I have my own YOURLs-based link shortener running on this server, but typically I just use whatever built in shortener the app I’m running uses. This finally annoyed me to the point where I decided to see if there was an easy way to route around the bit.lys of the world.

Enter free Android app URLy. URLy bills itself as a “multi-purpose URL sharer” and is a very slick way to share links, photos, etc. to literally dozens of social networking sites, email, etc. But for my purposes its main advantage is that among the 40 or so URL shorteners it lets users choose from, it throws in support for custom YOURLs installations.

All I had to do was go into the settings, enter the URL for my YOURLs API script and the signature token and it just worked. URLy will let you assign a custom short link to any URL, and has more configuration options than you can shake a stick at. (If every app on Android were this high quality …)


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  1. I use an install of YOURLS for my blog. I have configured my TweetDeck on Mac to use it for link shortening. But I am completely out of options as to how to configure URLy to use it.
    What do I fill up in the ‘Custom Yourls Server’ and the ‘API key’? Please help.
    For ‘Custom Yourls Server’ I tried the whole URL from TweetDeck, and ‘API Key’ as the alphanumeric key I got from my install. It just doesn’t seem to work..
    Am I doing something wrong? How should it be done!!?

  2. I have the same issue as Manveet. I’ve not been able to find the correct Yourls api url nor the api key to paste into Urly and the author of urly is not responding to emails. Any ideas?


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