I Canceled My Jungle Disk Account

The other day I finally canceled my Jungle Disk account. I had canceled my Amazon S3 account awhile ago, but forgot to also cancel the Jungle Disk account.

The main reason was price. The backup set of my personal documents is > 500gb, so using Amazon S3 was costing about $75/month. I can buy a 750 gb hard drive on Amazon for $70 and a 1 TB one for $85 if my data starts growing even faster.

So my new backup procedure is each month I buy a new hard drive and do a complete backup of my data drive. Then I do daily incremental backups for the month. At the end of the month I take that drive and store it offsite, buy a new drive and repeat.

On a quarterly basis I also take the latest backup and make a copy on BD-R so I’m not completely dependent on magnetic media for backup.

2 thoughts on “I Canceled My Jungle Disk Account”

  1. Maybe you should check out something like CrashPlan (crashplan.com). They have cheap plans with unlimited storage. I haven’t tried them yet but i probably will. I’ve read a lot of good reviews however. Other options are carbonite and kabooza, but crashplan feels better

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