Superhero Times Review of DC Direct 1:6th Scale Supergirl

Superhero Times gives a thumbs up review to DC Direct’s 1:6th scale Supergirl. Personally, I think the arms on the figure look more than a bit absurd (and this is a figure that’s roughly $90 at retail).

DC Direct 1:6 Scale Supergirl

However, I am still tempted to pick this up everytime I pass it by at the local comic book store because of its accessories including . . . wait for it . . . Streaky the Super Cat,

Streaky the Supercat

Legion of Super-Pets anyone?

3 thoughts on “Superhero Times Review of DC Direct 1:6th Scale Supergirl”

  1. I think I need the Streaky! I just don’t want to pay for the Supergirl, so I guess I’ll be haunting eBay for a loose Supercat figure. I wonder how it compares with the Streaky from the Superboy/Supergirl “Silver-Age” set?

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