New Version of DokuWiki Out

A new version of DokuWiki — DokuWiki 2009-12-14 — was released over the weekend, mainly fixing a bunch of smaller bugs and adding some small performance improvements, including:

  • Flash Multiuploader
  • license selector
  • compatibility fixes with Flash Player 10
  • internal changes to make farming easier
  • removed old upgrade plugins
  • better support for non-default auth backends in ACL manager
  • jump to edited session after saving
  • much improved Japanese romanization
  • improved XMLRPC interface
  • improved search result display
  • many smaller feature enhancements
  • more plugin events
  • some performance optimizations
  • minor security enhancements
  • many, many bug fixes

I had no problem following the upgrade instructions and took about 10 minutes to upload all the files and have the new version up and running. As always, DokuWiki continues to impress as one of the most straightforward, easiest-to-install and use pieces of software I’ve ever used.

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