Keeping a WordPress Site Private, Part Two

WordPressBased on my previous post on the subject, there seem to be a lot of people interested in using WordPress to set up a completely private blog, whether for family members or private collaboration or whatever. Absolute Privacy is a WordPress plugin by John Kolbert that promises to help users administer a completely private  WordPress blog.

After having a few odd registrations and comments on our family blog, my wife asked me to create a plugin that would give the blog security from strangers but still be easily accessible to family and friends. Absolute Privacy does just that! Absolute Privacy turns your WordPress blog into a fully private site where you control who has access. It’s perfect for family blogs, private communities, and personal websites.

After activating the plugin your registrations are automatically protected. First, the plugin adds new fields to the registration menu which require the registrant to enter their first and last name, and to choose a password. Newly registered members are given a WordPress role created by the plugin called “Unapproved User” and although they are registered and have a password, they are unable to login until approved.

After registering, the newly registered user is sent an email reminding him/her that they will be unable to login until their account has been approved. The site administrator is sent an email with a link to quickly approve or delete the new user. Once the administrator approves the account the user is sent an email notification. To unapprove a user, simply edit their profile and change their “Role” to “Unapproved User”.

A new tab called “Moderate Users” is created in the “Users” area which allows you to quickly view and either approve or delete all unapproved users.

To prevent access to your site for non-logged in viewers, simply navigate to the Absolute Privacy tab under “Settings” and check the lock-down box. Your blog now is absolutely private, including RSS feeds.

4 thoughts on “Keeping a WordPress Site Private, Part Two”

  1. Very interesting.

    To what extent can approved members then post, participate or even edit the collaborative content at that one site?

  2. I installed this plugin.. but When I go to the website it doesnt show the log in page.. just my blog.. The check mark is checked in the settings for making it private. any ideas?

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