8 thoughts on “Hasbro’s Pink Ouija Board”

  1. I am actually trying to purchae a few of these, not to use but because they are yanked off the shelf. You can still buy them at Toys R Us for $15.00 but Amazon and Ebay are selling them for $40.00 and up US. Would love to find them

  2. Wahht Thee Phukk Thee Ouija Isntt A Phukken Gamme Forr All Youu Little Kidds Outt Therre Thiis Shiit Isntt Worthh Playingg Andd Jennyy Itt Isntt Thee Deviil Yourr Talkingg To Itss A Demion Andd I Diee Playingg Thatt Causse Yourr Disturbingg The Dead Forr Godds Sakke Dontt Playy Thiis Trustt Youull Regrett Itt.!!!!
    R.I.P: Vanssa Gomez 1998-2010

  3. Heyy emilyy whenn youu diedd didd godd askk youu too typee likee aa retardd? OUIJA BOARDS ARE FAKE AS FUK AND THE ONLY REASON THEY WORK IS BECAUSE THE VAST MAJORITY OF HUMANS ARE WEAK MINDED


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