At Boing! Boing!, You’ll Do What You’re Told, Understand?

This exchange at Boing! Boing! — in an item over companies lobbying against the stupid card check union bill that will almost certainly become law — left me giggling,

Libertarian fapping in 3… 2… 1…

Oh, wait.

They’ve already begun.

@5 Chris Tucker
“Libertarian fapping in 3… 2… 1…”
whats wrong with libertarians?

whats wrong with libertarians?

If anyone decides to answer that, the discussion needs to remain polite.

whts wrng wth lbrtrns?

f y wnt scty dtrmnd by blgcl mprtv ln, thn nthng.

Is that civil enough Antinous?

Dreaptha @16, Man on Pink Corner @17, OhhhSnap @67 if you have substantive complaints about the EFCA, fine. If you’re just here to dump lazy insults on labor unions, not fine.

MDH @83, I don’t know if it’s civil enough for Antinous, but it wasn’t civil enough for me. If you’re told a topic is off-limits, then the topic is off-limits.

Watching BB’s moderators is like witnessing some school yard insult contest.

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