The Jonestown Death Tape

Archive.Org has an MP3 of the Jonestown Death Tape. San Diego State University’s web site devoted to the Jim Jones cult has a page with links to a number of different transcripts of the tape.

After the mass suicide/murder at Jonestown, there were in fact almost 1,000 audiotapes recovered from the site. The SDSU site has a full index of all of the tapes found as well as transcripts of the tapes here.

And while much of the public fascination with the tapes focuses on the death tape, there is an equally odd tape labeled Q875 which was found among other tapes at Jonestown and consists of an audio recording of four news broadcasts. What has made Q875 so mysterious is that it was recorded after the mass suicide/murder.

SDSU has a number of essays from different authors analyzing the tapes, ranging from incisive academic looks at the tape to nutty conspiracy theories involving the CIA that cite Bo Gritz as a source.

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