My Wife’s about to Go Medieval on Lego

So in 2009 Lego will release a Medieval Village set which looks pretty nice,

. . . but take a closer look,

No your eyes do not deceive you — that’s a turkey in a Medieval village!

Are the locals going to use the turkey to feed the Medieval dinosaurs? Is Lego now bringing in Michael Crichton to provide ideas?


4 thoughts on “My Wife’s about to Go Medieval on Lego”

  1. Possibly, if not for the helpful description,

    “The soldiers and peasants alike shop and eat in the marketplace filled with baskets of fish, apples and flowers. Sit at the table for a meal of ale, cheese and whole turkey but stay out of the way of the soldiers carrying the kingโ€™s treasure!”

  2. True, but hardcore LEGO nerds would’ve gotten all up in arms about LEGO not calling it by it’s “correct” name.

    I can hear the hue and cry now: “That’s part number 33048c01 — ‘Minifig Food Turkey (Complete Assembly with 2 Legs). It’s not a goose, you silly company that actually makes it!'”


  3. Gee, the next thing you know, they’ll be putting a clock face into a bell tower. A couple of minutes before three, I bet. And for the ornithological among you who are loyal to North American species, just remember that the turkey is removable from your display. Simply replace it with your own estimate of victuals in your village.

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