Adobe Photoshop Elements Idiocy

So all I sit down with my laptopĀ  so I can upload some photos to my FTP server. Ah, but I forgot that I had installed Adobe Photoshit Elements on the laptop. Adobe has configured the program to think I’m a moron, so as soon as I insert the SD card Elements’ “Photo Downloader” application hijacks my computer — god knows nobody ever was able to copy files from an SD card to a local drive without some bloated helper application.

And “Photo Downloader” is an A-1 piece of crap that a) causes my Explorer window to freeze (it appears to lock access to the SD card for itself), and b) promptly enters an unrecoverable state, forcing me to launch Windows Task Manager to kill it.

I hate developers who presume to hijack straightforward processes because they wrongly think they can do better.

Solution: Uninstall Photoshop Elements and run the CD through a shredder. Download and install GIMP.

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