Kansas State Students to Stop Throwing Chickens During Basketball Games (Seriously)

Apparently it is common for students at Kansas State to sneak live chickens into the auditorium when their team plays rival Kansas, whose mascot is the Jayhawk. The student(s) then throw the chicken out onto the floor as a way of mocking the Jayhaw mascot.

Yeah, it didn’t make any sense to me either.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals got wind of the practice, however, and sent a letter to Kansas State objecting to this mistreatment of animals.

The athletic department followed up with a statement asking fans to discontinue the tradition, saying,

These actions severely tarnish the image of our University, its athletics teams and the majority of our outstanding fans and supporters and while viewed by many as harmless pranks, these acts are likely illegal.

PETA’s Debbie Leahy told the Associated Press, “Any student who throws live birds on a basketball court should be thrown out of school.”

A bigger question might be how the chicken throwers managed to get in to Kansas State in the first place.


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4 thoughts on “Kansas State Students to Stop Throwing Chickens During Basketball Games (Seriously)”

  1. No, they should not just be thrown out of the school for doing that to live chickens, if the chickens are seriosly injured they should be put in jail for the rest of their lives, that is murder I dont care if it was to a chicken or to a person

  2. I think that the animals lives should be of more value to the people of Kansas. Chickens are living to so how would you feel if you where thrown on to the basketball court.

  3. Some guy named “la Poule Cannoise” aka Henry Michel managed to throw away baby chicken 500 metres away. Anwa.

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