Did Insiders at Eve Online Game the System?

Blues News had a thorough summary of the controversy that hit EVE online a couple weeks ago.

The short version is that employees of CCP, the company that publishes EVE, also play in the game. Some of the employees were part of a corporation called Band of Brothers that allegedly were using their position as developers and game masters to cheat by giving their fellow alliance members items that they hadn’t actually earned.

There is an obvious tension and conflict of interest where a company clearly might want its developers to actually play the game to experience issues that players face. On the other hand, developers and game masters obviously have access to inside information and, in some cases tools, that give them advantages over other players that could be easily abused.

In a game like World of Warcraft, the developer could ameliorate this problem somewhat by having developers play on servers where they don’t have any special privileges or access. In a game like Eve, however, this isn’t possible because there is only one world/server.

CCP didn’t do itself any favors by opening a thread on the controversy explaining its position and asking for feedback and then closing that thread the same day as players pointed out that the CCP statement didn’t really address most of their real concerns.

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