Star Trek Fan Films

Fox News has an article about how Star Trek fans are coping with no Star Trek series on the air and another Star Trek film not slated to appear until at least 2008.

One of the things that Star Trek fans are doing, of course, is making their own Star Trek shorts and, in some cases, full length fan films. Some of the fan-generated stuff is very good, and has even attracted Trek actors like George Takei to make appearances.

Add to that the diverse and sometimes equally good Star Trek fan fiction on the Internet and the question goes begging — exactly how did Paramount keep turning out crap like Star Trek Nemesis. All that money poured into Star Trek and the best they could do for the tenth film was a shitty rewrite of Wrath of Khan?

And Paramount seems to be making the same mistake all over again, hiring JJ Abrams. Abrams is hot thanks to Lost and Alias, but when it comes to films this guy pumps out crap that happens to be visually exciting. Why anyone would be excited that the guy who wrote the script to Armaggedon is going to direct the next Trek film is beyond me.

The only good thing about the Abrams announcement is that he is also going to produce, meaning Rick Berman is finally, thankfully, out of the picture. But at this point, the franchise has been so abused, it’s probably beyond redemption at Paramount. Thank goodness the fans keep the true spirit of Star Trek alive.

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