Star Jones Takes PETA’s Bait

“The View” resident idiot, Star Jones, took People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ bait earlier this month, threatening to sue the animal rights group over a parody campaign the group is planning.

PETA has been after Jones for awhile now since Jones frequently wears fur. This time around they hired drag queen Flotilla DeBarge to appear in a campaign parodying Jones.

And Jones decided to give PETA exactly what it wants — more publicity and a good fight — by stupidly suing the animal rights group for, of all things, copyright violation.

Which means not only did she threaten to file a lawsuit, but she’s threatened a completely baseless lawsuit. Jones may have some limited rights in her public image, but PETA is on solid legal ground for using a lookalike for a parody. As Richard Johnson noted in a Yahoo! News op-ed,

But the lawyers are insulting Star, because their argument only makes sense if the public could actually mistake DeBarge for her. They seem to be saying their client resembles an overweight, 6-foot-tall drag queen.

Well there may be some validity that, but overall it appears that Newkirk’s finally found someone even dumber than she is to tussle with.


Star Fears Drag On Her Image. Richard Johnson, Yahoo! Entertainment, March 2, 2005.

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