PETA Criticizes Animal Planet Over Depictions of Animal Predation

As long time watchers of the organization probably realize by now, there is simply no absurdity which People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will refuse to embrace in the furtherance of this cause. PETA is currently unhappy with cable television’s “Animal Planet” because of a new series which uses technology to provide viewers with a unique, vivid look at predators.

The series, “Spy on the Wild,” involves placing miniaturized cameras on animals and then recording what they do naturally. The Los Angeles Times sums up what viewers see in a “Spy on the Wild” episode on peregrine falcons,

In “Spy on the Wild,” the falcon takes off and glides in “Matrix”-style slow motion, in death defying barrel rolls. A miniature camera attached to the bird’s neck shows the ground rushing up.

Then the image dives underwater to a close-up of a shrimp’s claw. The force of this claw is so great, says the narrator, that it momentarily boils the water when it slams onto prey.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals would apparently prefer that shows like this simply not be made. The Los Angeles Times quotes PETA’s Laura Brown saying (emphasis added),

When animals are portrayed as violent creatures, it encourages animal cruelty. No animal should ever be used simply for entertainment, particularly when you have to strap cameras to their backs or attach bulky devices.

Presumably, peregrine falcons and other predators should only be shown in their natural environment munching on tofu or perhaps queing up to order a veggie burger.


Animal planet bares its competitive teeth. Charles Duhigg, Los Angeles Times, January 2, 2005.

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