Joan Court Goes On Yet Another “Hunger Strike”

According to SPEAK, Joan Court promised to go on yet another “hunger strike,” this time in April to commemorate World Week for Laboratory Animals.

Last July, Court went on a 48-hour “hunger strike.” Apparently she’s spent the intervening time building up her endurance to go 72 hours.

As I said last year, a 2-3 day fast is simply not all that compelling. In fact its downright lame. The poor animals are being tortured and murdered and the best court can do is three days? Come on, do something challenging like try to break Barry Horne’s record.

Now, that would be impressive, but 72 hours? I think even I could do that.

But SPEAK billed the “hunger strike” on its website as if Court were one of those IRA prisoners who used to go on ungodly long hunger strikes.

Court’s “hunger strike,” on the other hand, is a bit like having the animal rights activists lured Evil Knievel to their side only to have him announce that he was going to jump two — count ’em two — buses for the animals.


Joan Court set to embark on 72-hour hunger strike. Press Release, Speak, March 4, 2005.

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