Ingrid Newkirk On the Evils of Procreation

Ingrid Newkirk is making the rounds with a new book, “Making Kind Choices” — no word on whether or not firebombing research laboratories heads the list of kind choices. But Newkirk is traveling the country promoting the book and giving interviews, some of which reveal more about her extremist views.

First, as usual, Newkirk is less than truthful in her interview in this exchange with OnlineMilwaukee.Com (emphasis added),

OMC: Is it true you said you want to dance on Col. Sanders’ grave?

Newkirk (laughing): No, that I never said. But KFC, unlike McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King, refuses to make any reforms in their treatment of chickens. I ask people not to stop the car for KFC. . .

But the truth is that Newkirk did, in fact, suggests dancing on Col. Sanders grave. That anecdote comes from a New Yorker profile of PETA by Michael Specter in which Specter writes of attending a brainstorming session with Newkirk and other PETA employees (emphasis added),

The group devoted the biggest block of time to its most important current action: the campaign against KFC. According to the company’s Web site, last year the chain served seven hundred and thirty-six million chickens. If the chickens served in its restaurants in 2002 were laid head to claw, they would circle the equator more than eight times. Somebody suggested making Colonel Sanders action figures, or having people go to Louisville basketball games dressed only in a bucket. Another person said that perhaps they ought to commit civil disobedience at KFC restaurants; getting arrested is always good for the cause. Newkirk quickly rejected that idea. “No,” she said. “Once you start, you have to continue, and I don’t think we have the resources or the support yet.” Everyone agreed that they had to attack the image of the Colonel. “He is loved in Louisville, and he is buried there,” someone said. Newkirk’s eyes lit up. “Why not find out when his birthday is, call the newspapers, and go dance on his grave?” she said.

Asked by OnlineMilwaukee.Com if she really plans to donate her body parts after her death, Newkirk replied,

Yes. I plan to send my liver somewhere in France to protest foie gras (liver pate). California recently banned this food and England and Germany banned it as well. I really think France needs to ban it.

OMC: What else?

Newkirk: I am going to donate my pointer finger to Ringling Brothers. Not the (swear) finger, I’m not that rude, but the pointer finger is a way to say “shame on you.” They have mistreated so many animals over the years, and recently killed three baby elephants that were too young to be weaned from their mother.

I plan to have handbags made from my skin . . . and an umbrella stand made from my seat. I grew up in India and it’s common for an elephants foot to be cut off and made into an umbrella stand. My feet are too small to make a proper umbrella stand, but my seat . . .

Newkirk also reiterates her view that having children is a very selfish thing to do,

OMC: I read that you think having a baby is like adopting a pure-bred animal — totally selfish.

Newkirk: Yes, that’s true. I wish more people would adopt children. If I had more time, I would. There are so many beautiful children in Eastern Europe — all over the world — that need to get out of orphanages and into families.

Well, I think we can all be glad that Newkirk did not selfishly decide to reproduce or adopt.


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