Bill Introduced in U.S. House to Ban Trapping Nationwide

In July, more than a dozen U.S. representatives signed on to introduce House Resolution 3442, the Inhumane Trapping Prevention Act. The bill would make it illegal for anyone in the United States,

(1) to import, export, or transport in interstate commerce an article of fur, if any part or portion of such article is derived from an animal that was trapped in a conventional steel-jawed leghold trap;

(2) to import, export, deliver, carry, or transport by any means whatever, in interstate commerce, any conventional steel-jawed leghold trap;

(3) to sell, receive, acquire, or purchase any conventional steel-jawed leghold trap that was delivered, carried, or transported in violation of paragraph (2); or

(4) to violate any rule made by the Secretary under this Act.

The first violation of the law calls for imprisonment of not more than five days, but subsequent violations would be subject to up to two years in jail.

The full text of House Resolution 3442 can be read here.

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