ALF Threatens Hare Coursing Bombings

Recently I mentioned and Irish campaign to end hare coursing in that country. Recently the Animal Liberation Front has threatened to firebomb the supporters of hare coursing events.

One of their targets is JP McManus, a millionaire currency trader who is also owns numerous race horses. McManus also sponsors hare coursing.

Robin Webb told the Irish Examiner that he had “very strong indications” that ALF had acquired incendiary devices to use against those sponsoring hare coursing. The Irish Examiner quoted Webb as saying,

ALF members will have no problem carrying out an arson attack on any of his properties.

At the beginning of January, ALF activists spread nails and tacks on a field used for hare coursing. They also placed incendiary devices around the field, but they did not detonate.


Activists threaten to firebomb hare coursing events. John Breslin, Irish Examiner, January 24, 2005.

National Hare Coursing Venue Attacked. Press Release, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, January 9, 2005.

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