Activists Protest New Jersey Fur Store

About 20 activists affiliated with Caring Activists Against Fur protested on January 8 oustide of Steven Corn Furs in Paramus, New Jersey. According to the Bergen Record, the activists were,

. . . shouting at customers and holding signs showing bloodied, skinless animals with the words: “Here’s the rest of your fur coat.”

The Record managed to obtained some interesting quotes for activists. For example, Julie Bolkin O’Connor told the Record why she was there,

We need to be out here connecting the dots between the fur coat and the murder of the animals. Our presence educates people.

Fur is made from dead animals? Who knew?

Steven Corns Furs manager John Paul attempted to defend the killing of animals for fur, telling the Record that mink raised for fur live 5-7 years before being culled compared to the average life span of mink in the wild which he pegged at 2-3 years before, “They die from starvation, disease or being eaten by another animal.”

Animal rights activist Debbie Kowalski was ready for that line of reasoning, telling the Record,

Breeding minks can live up to five to seven years . . . that’s in a prison. The ones they actually use for the coat, that they skinned, are 8 to 10 months old, and they’re killed.

In prison and presumably without a jury trial (shades of Gitmo).

And I know that, as anti-animal rights activists, I’m not supposed to keep repeating that line that activists care more about animals than human beings, so forgive me in advance for repeating what activist Bill Triglia told the Record,

I like animals. They don’t kill nearly as much as humans.

Triglia might want to familiarize himself more with some of the more rapacious and murderous of the animal kingdom. For example, during its primary feeding season the blue whale consumes upwards of 40 million krill each day in order to secure adequate nutrition. That’s 40 million cute little crustaceans whose lives are snuffed out without a second thought by those vicious whales.


Protesters hot under collar over furs.

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