UK to Warn Blood Transfusion Recipients of vCJD Risk

United Kingdom Health officials announced this month that they will warn people who received blood transfusions from people who later died of vCJD that they may be at risk of the disease as well.

The decisions follows on a report earlier this month in the Lancet that documented the second case of transmission of vCJD via blood transfusion. In that case, however, the vCJD infection was found in the spleen and the deceased did not have any symptoms of vCJD.

The Scottish Press Association reported,

A Department of Health spokesman said: “The HPA has carried out a risk assessment exercise, as indicated by the Secretary of State in his December 2003 statement.

“The Department of Health has asked the HPA to lead on preparations for notifying patients who have received plasma products, and we have been working with the Agency, clinician’s representatives and the patient groups on this.”


Blood recipients to get vCJD warning. Scottish Press Association, August 29, 2004.

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