Swedish Politician Proposes Tax on Men to Fund Violence Initiatives

What used to be called sexism is now being called progressivism by some Scandanavian politicians.

A number of Swedish female Members of Parliament have signed onto a motion that would impose a tax on men and use the money to fund treatment of violence against women.

Gudrun Schyman, Member of Parliament and former Left Party leader, wrote the motion which reads, in part,

When the costs of this aspect of socially destructive male behavior are added up, it becomes clear how much money men’s violence costs society – money which could be used to increase women’s income, for healthcare, better working environments, and so on. It’s then only natural to ask how men collectively should take economic responsibility for men’s violence against women.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald,

The Left Party says the idea of men collectively paying for the social costs of violence towards women is similar to the principle of poor people paying less tax than the rich.

Ah, yes, collectivism taken to its logical outcome — who needs individual responsibility, when you can just assign people to groups and treat them as such? I believe in previous eras that this was called things like sexism and racism, but in the 21st century it’s what passes for progressivism among some.

Even in Sweden, however, the proposal won’t come close to having enough support to actually pass.


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