PETA Passes Out Chicken Trading Cards to Tennessee Children

Apparently People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activists in Tennessee must have forgotten Ingrid Newkirk’s dictum that “everything we do is based at adults” rather than kids — contrary to Newkirk’s claim, PETA members showed up outside a Knox County school and handed out chicken trading cards while showing a video about the slaughter of chickens.

The stunt was part of PETA’s anti-KFC campaign. According to a page on PETA’s web site about the campaign,

Chickens should be friends, not food! Chickens are friendly, curious little birds who value their lives just as much as you value yours. Did you know that chicken moms talk to their chicks even while they’re still in the shell? When the chicks are born, their mom watches over them carefully, takes them under her wing to keep them safe, and teaches them all about life.

But chickens on factory farms never get to be loved by their moms. These birds’ lives are awful and scary even before they are killed and cut up for food.

Hmm…maybe when Newkirk told CNN that “everything we do is based at adults” she meant “everything we do is based at adults when I’m being asked about it on national television.”


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