PETA Activist Arrested Outside KFC In Vietnam

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activist Jason Baker was arrested today while protesting outside of a KFC in Vietnam.

Baker, 32, stood inside a cage holding a sign reading “K-F-C Tortures Chicken” (so technically, they didn’t take him to jail, they just moved him from one prison to another).

Baker is a long-time PETA activist. He’s the guy who in 1999 dressed up in a bunny suit featuring gaping and bloody wounds, and followed Al Gore around the country to protest Gore’s support of a program to test industrial chemicals for toxicity (High Production Volume Chemical Testing).

Baker is currently in charge of PETA’s first Asian office.

The most amusing part of this story, is the fact that there is a KFC in Vietnam. What, the People’s Revolutionary Chicken just doesn’t measure up?


Michigan protester outside Vietnamese KFC. WoodTV, November 23, 2004.

Michigan man arrested after protesting outside KFC in Vietnam. Associated Press, November 23, 2004.

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