Animal CARE Foundation Joins Groups Opposing California's Foie Gras Ban

Animal CARE Foundation president Sabina De Giacomo posted an e-mail to animal rights list today putting her group on record as opposing California’s proposed ban on foie gras. Passed by the legislature and awaiting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s veto or signature, the bill was originally promote by animal rights groups but changes made to the bill have such groups divided over whether or not to support it.

Citing amendments made to the original bill, De Giacomo wrote,

You will see the first amendment dragging the abuse out to January of 2012 then
in the second amendment, force feeding becomes exempt from any kind of cruelty
enforcement during that time period of 8 long miserable years and finally, in
the most recent amendment, all pending criminal and civil actions are supposed
to “disappear”. Basically, this leaves the birds with absolutely no protection
for 8 years and the foie gras producers with complete protection from any sort
of legal fees or fear of reprisal for “cruelty”.

The birds deserve better than this! In fact, these modifications practically
invite cruelty and help the CA dead fatty liver producers invest all those
potentially saved lawyers fees in new ways to torture ducks and whatever else
they get into in eight years.

ENOUGH ALREADY! Let Gov Schwarzenegger understand this is totally
unacceptable; he listened before under intense pressure!


ALERT: Please help Veto California SB 1520. Sabina De Giacomo, September 9, 2004.

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