Activists Harass Pennsylvania Restaurants that Serve Foie Gras

Acts of extremism and violence by animal rights activists in California have gotten a lot of attention and led to a bill that would ban the production of foie gras in that state, but activists in Pennsylvania have recently begun protesting and vandalizing a Pennsylvania restaurant that serves the dish.

Lucca’s, in Oakland, Pennsylvania, has been the target of protests from Voices for Animal Liberation which has conducted sidewalk protests against the restaurant. According to Lucca owner Joe Jordan, police recently had to be called to break up a protest in which animal rights activists were harassing customers.

Other activists have taken their opposition to more violent ends. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,

Jordan arrived at work yesterday to find a stone obelisk in front of the restaurant toppled over. A statue of the Venus de Milo also has been “chopped to bits,” Jordan said.

Last wee, someone tossed a brick with the word “quack” written across it through the front window.


Protesters target foie gras menu item. David Conti, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 8, 2004.

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