Utah TV Stations Refuse PETA Holocaust Ads

Four Salt Lake City, Utah, television stations rejected advertisements placed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that compare animal slaughter to the Holocaust.

The ad features animals being transported to slaughter inside a truck and, according to The Salt Lake Tribune,

A voice in the PETA ad says: “They came for us at night. Beat us. We cried out in the darkness. With no food or water, and barely air to breathe.”

PETA’s Matt Prescott said he was disappointed that the television states rejected the ads, telling The Salt Lake Tribune, “I think it’s a shame, because people need to understand where their food comes from.”

Right, because tens of millions of Americans don’t realize that animals are raised on farms and then slaughtered before showing up in the supermarkets.


Utah TV stations reject PETA ad. Rhina Guidos, The Salt Lake Tribune, August 24, 2003.

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