UPC Planning Its 13th Annual Spring Vigil for Chickens

United Poultry Concerns recently issued a press release announcing its 13th Annual Spring Vigil for Chickens urging activists to protest between April 16 and April 28 for the chickens — and for a low, low payment of just $15, UPC will supply activists with “3 color posters and 100 Chickens Brochures.”

According to the press release,

ONce chickens and eggs were symbols of Life and Spring. Today chickens have become symbols of suffering and death. In the U.S. each year, more than 8 billion baby “broiler” chickens, both males and females, are raised in filth and slaughtered for food. Worldwide more than 40 billion chickens are slaughtered every year. Chickens in the U.S. and Canada have no legal protection. Eery day millions of chickens are paralyzed with electric shocks in slaughterhouses, caged, starved, debeaked, buried alive, trashed at birth, infected with Salmonella, and tortured in laboratories. Chickens are excluded from the U.S. Humane Slaughter Act and the Animal Welfare Act.

UPC will also be holding two protest events in Washington, DC in April, including leafletting at the annual White House egg roll on April 21.


UPC 13th Annual Spring Vigil for Chicken. Press Release, United Poultry Concerns, March 12, 2003.

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