Is the Animal Rights Movement Largely Jewish?

This is a bit dated, but it has been fascinating to watch People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Matt Prescott offer up one outrageous comment after another while trying to explain and justify PETA’s “Holocaust on Your Plate.”

In February, for example, Jewish newspaper Forward interviewed Prescott and apparently the PETA activist felt he had to play up the Jewish presence in formulating both this campaign and in the animal rights movement in general. So, according to Prescott,

The animal rights movement is largely comprised by Jews . . . I’d say a quarter of the animal rights movement [is Jewish].

A quarter of animal rights activists are Jewish? And 25 percent is equivalent to “largely comprised” of?

Prescott goes on to maintain that the Holocaust itself is taboo,

Some people are definitely shocked. I think it’s because the Holocaust is so taboo, seeing massive photos of death [is] offensive to people; but the Holocaust happened because people turned a blind eye to cruelty.

Where does PETA find these people?


Animal rights group invokes Holocaust. Max Gross, Forward, February 28, 2003.

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