Heidi Prescott Speaks for Hunters Now?

In August, the Fund for Animals unsuccessfully campaigned for New York Governor George Pataki to sign a bill that would have outlawed canned hunts in that state.

Now the last time I checked, the Fund for Animal was opposed to all hunting and, in fact, publishes delusional materials claiming things like “the end of hunting is in sight” (interesting, then, that the Fund spends so much time trying to stop the creation of new hunting seasons). So it was a bit odd, then, to see the Fund’s Heidi Prescott attempting to speak for hunters in urging Pataki to sign the canned hunt bill. In a Fund press release, Prescott said,

The hunter’s concept of ‘fair chase’ includes free-ranging animals who live in the wild without enclosures. New York’s state legislators, by a two-to-one margin, understood this and wisely voted to pass the bill. We hope that Governor Pataki will also represent New Yorkers around the state and sign the bill into law.

Prescott’s been pushing this “we’re really most concerned about those unethical hunters over there” line with not a whole lot of success — it certainly didn’t seem to sway Pataki.


Undercover Investigator Steps Forward In Favor Of Law To Ban Unsporting “Canned Shoots”. Press Release, Fund for Animals, August 6, 2003.

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